domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

FABRICATE 2011: Call For Papers

Call for Work Announced
International Peer Reviewed Conference and Publication,
London, 15-16 April 2011
Deadline 10 September 2010
Central to the aim of FABRICATE is to interrogate and disseminate architectural innovation in design and making practices accross industry and academia. Submissions will be independently blind reviewed by two members of an international panel of experts.
As the conference is seeking to ‘break the mould’ in gathering and publishing innovative built or partially built material, the call for works emphasises a very high standard of diverse visual content to accompany text. It is recommended that submissions include an appropriate range of images including concept sketches, early iterations, CAD and physical models, photography, manufacturing or construction information, scripting, test pieces, prototypes, parallel experiments, final assemblies, artefacts in use, revisions, renovations, subsequent iterations, as well as information on the spaces in which such works were created.
Our online submission system will go online on 9 August 2011. The Call for Work deadline is the 10 September 2011.

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Marilena dijo...

Thanks a lot for your post! It's worth mentioning however that it's a call for work related to digital fabrication and not for papers.

Marilena dijo...

also, the online system will go online on the 9th of August 2010 not 2011! the deadline for submissions is 10 September 2010 not 2011!

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